About Francis CHIU

The Francis CHIU story started in 1999. When most jewellers at the time were focused on mass-producing jewellery, Francis CHIU had the vision of building a truly exclusive jewellery brand in Asia, catering to discerning connoisseurs. Today, Francis CHIU jewellery are worn by jewellery lovers worldwide and sold through international auction houses and exclusive network of retailers.

Every Piece Starts with the Stone

Every piece of Francis CHIU jewellery starts with the stones. Francis CHIU works closely with miners and precious stones traders to source the highest quality natural gemstones – from fiery rubies to luscious jadeite. Some of these stones are highly sought-after as they are becoming increasingly rare. Once the right stones are selected, designers think about the best way to highlight the stone’s beauty, taking inspirations from nature to design pieces that will become timeless treasures. The pieces are then crafted by expert craftsmen, translating the vision into stunning masterpieces.

Makes You a Sparkling Star

Gemstones are Mother Nature’s gift to the world. Much like their wearers, no two gemstones are the exact same. Each piece of Francis CHIU jewellery makes a statement. They are wearable pieces of art – every angle is considered and no details are overlooked. Every piece is unique, designed to make you a sparkling star.